Scope of Services

We understand that every surgical facility is different. We develop schedules that meet surgical instrument and equipment demands.

Premier Contracted Surgical Instrument Repair

SurgiSource LLC has earned the service expectations needed to be a Premier contracted supplier.


Mobile Instrument Repair Service 


In-house Repair Lab

High surgical case volume often demands that surgical instrumentation remain in-house.  Placing a dedicated repair lab in your facility allows us to do just that.

Scope Repair Lab

We can provide the highest level of service through our endoscope repair lab. We help to keep your rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible endoscopes working properly.

Sterilization Chamber Cleaning

sterilization-chamber-horizontalOur sterilization chamber cleaning services help your facility meet AORN, AAMI and The Joint Commission requirements for cleaning, maintenance and related record keeping. We help you adhere to manufacturer preventive maintenance recommendations to keep your sterilizers functioning properly and reliably.

Laser Etching

Laser Etching UDIsurgisource-laser-etching-1FDA will soon mandate instrument traceability by healthcare providers to instrument level. Using laser etching technology, SurgiSource can mark each instrument with an indelible unique device identifier (UDI). UDI data is imported and housed in electronic health records (EHR), providing efficient traceability to instrument level. Contact us for more information.

Ship Items for Repair

We can meet your repair needs by directly shipping your instruments to us. Quality surgical instrument repairs are never out of your reach! Whether it’s instrument refurbishment or endoscopy repair, we can meet all of your repair needs by shipping directly using a repair order.

Repair Services

Surgical Instruments                      Pin Cutters                                        Flexible Biopsy

Tray Refurbishment                       Omni Retractors                               Forceps

Specialty Instruments                    Mayfield Clamps                               Kleppinger Forceps

Skull Clamps                                    Sheaths                                              Bridge Deflectors

Power Equipment

Pneumatic                                          Air Hoses                                          Power Accessories
Electric/Battery                                 Batteries                                            Burrs and Blades

Endoscopes and Lighting

Rigid Endoscopes                              Fiber Optic Cables                          Light Sources

Flexible Endoscopes                         Head Lamps


Video Endoscopy                              Video Processors                             Adapters

Cameras                                              Printers                                            Recorders


Stainless Steel Repair

Case Carts                                          Sitting Stools                                     Back Tables

IV Poles                                               Bassinets                                           Stretchers

Mayo Stands                                      Kick Buckets                                      Sterilizer Cleaning


Arm Boards                                       Liposuction Cannulas                     Resectoscopes

Table Clamps                                    Sigmoidoscopes                               Harmonic Scalpels

CranioFix                                           Traction Reels                                   Diamond Knives

Phaco Handpieces