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Dental Equipment Repair Service

SurgiSource LLC provides expert dental equipment repair services to oral surgery centers and dental practices in the US.

Oral Dental Surgery Instrument Repair Service

Dental Equipment Repair Service

Running a dental practice presents unique challenges, but repairing dental equipment need not be one of them. We are your one stop resource for all of your dental equipment repairs, from osteotomes and periotomes, to electric and pneumatic power equipment. We offer free estimates, cost effective repairs, rapid order fulfillment, unmatched repair expertise and courteous customer service. SurgiSource LLC is an innovative leader and trusted dental equipment repair partner!


Dental Instrument & Equipment Repair Capabilities:
  • Sharpening of dental instruments and drill bits
  • Re-tipping and re-conditioning services
  • Electric and pneumatic power equipment repairs
  • Dental handpiece repairs
  • Turbine rebuilds and replacements
  • Dental light repairs
  • Pneumatic tool power cord replacement
  • Surgical camera repairs
  • Air compressor repairs
  • Sterilizer cleaning

Why Choose SurgiSource LLC?

surgisource llc logoPatients choose your dental practice with an expectation of excellence. But, an otherwise exceptional patient experience can become stressful, and even painful, as a result of using dull dental instruments or malfunctioning dental equipment. If your dental practice seeks to improve your patient experience by increasing instrument and equipment performance, while decreasing the likelihood of unexpected instrument failures, SurgiSource LLC’s dental instrument repair service can help your practice accomplish its objectives!

How? Our dental repair specialists meet with your staff to discuss your goals and concerns. We:

  • Analyze current dental instrument and equipment repair cycles;
  • Identify prevailing and preventable repair issues;
  • Review the efficiency of your preventive maintenance program;
  • Determine the most efficient method for lowering your repair costs;
  • Make recommendations for changes to your instrument inventory; and
  • Identify dental instrument handling and care methods that contribute to premature failure of your instruments and equipment.

This information is used to develop a comprehensive dental equipment repair and maintenance program that helps your dental practice meet its objectives!


Our Comprehensive Dental Equipment Repair Service Helps Your Practice To:
  • Maximize performance and increase reliability of your dental instruments and equipment.
  • Improve instrument and equipment availability through the effective management of repairs.
  • Reduce costly delays arising from instrument and equipment repair issues.
  • Prolong the life of your instruments and equipment by more effectively managing your preventive maintenance program.
  • Enhance patient experience by lowering the frequency of instrument and equipment issues.
  • Boosts the efficiency of your repair and maintenance cycle, while reducing your costs.

Our Services:

Dental Equipment Management Program:

We analyze your existing repair and maintenance system, identify opportunities for improvement and develop a comprehensive plan designed to ensure your dental practice meets your objectives while remaining within your budget.

Mobile Dental Equipment Repair Service:

Mobile Instrument Repairs

Need your frequently used and critical dental instruments returned to service quickly? SurgiSource LLC’s mobile dental equipment repair service offers instrument sharpening, drill bit repair, gold dipping, powder coating, laser welding, ebonizing, tungsten carbide insert replacement, etc.  Repairs are performed with excellence at your facility and promptly returned to service!


In-House Repair Service:

If your dental practice requires your instruments and equipment to remain on-site for repairs and maintenance, we have a solution! Let us establish a dedicated repair lab in your facility, and provide skilled repairmen to repair your valuable instruments and equipment on-site. This service offers convenience with the same excellent quality repairs and superb customer service!

Ship Items for Repair:

Instrument Repairs

Would it be more convenience to ship your dental instruments to our worldwide hub in Atlanta, GA for repair or maintenance? Our online repair order information system provides you access to repair order status and tracking information throughout the repair process, 24/7 at your convenience. When repairs are completed, we ship your instrument(s) to your practice.


Customized Instrument Maintenance Schedule:

Minimize dental instrument and equipment failures and significantly reduce out of service times by following a customized preventative maintenance schedule we develop to specifically address the unique needs of your dental practice. Effective management of your preventive maintenance program provides results your patients and staff will appreciate!


Features & Benefits:

*   Nationwide Service

*   Free Repair Service Quotes Within 24 Hours

*   Over 25 Years of Instrument Repair Experience

*   Repairs Performed by European Trained, Certified Master Repairmen

*   Large Inventory of OEM or OEM Replica Parts that Meet or Exceed Industry Standards

*   Rapid Turn-Around Time

*   Loaner Equipment Available

*   Dedicated Customer Service Personnel

Interested in learning how SurgiSource LLC can improve the dental equipment repair cycle at your dental practice or oral surgery center? Contact us today!”


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