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SurgiSource LLC provides superior surgical instrument repair services for ambulatory surgery centers.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Instrument Repair Service

Ambulatory Surgery Center Instrument Repairs

Surgery schedules are tight. Your equipment is at a premium. A broken or malfunctioning device can turn your day upside down! Preventative equipment maintenance can help stack the deck in your favor. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us develop a maintenance schedule for you that insures your instrument sets are always ready and that your more specialized devices like rigid, semi-rigid, flexible endoscopes and cameras stay in your rotation as well.


Ambulatory surgery center instrument repair management is a complex task. Your team must provide patients with an exceptional quality of care, while maintaining a high level of efficiency. The daily surgery schedule includes a variety of procedures requiring various types of surgical instruments and equipment, as well as specialty devices. Your inventory of endoscopes, surgical cameras, complex instruments, specialty devices and one of a kind items must stay in rotation and function reliably to ensure instrument issues do not impede surgery schedules. Performing needed repairs and preventive maintenance on frequently used instruments can be challenging. Many of the instruments require specialized care, which demands additional time and attention. Instrument availability issues and/or unscheduled repairs can negatively impact O.R. efficiency, and the need to send instruments to an off-site repair facility can further compound the issue. We offer a solution!

SurgiSource’s ambulatory surgery center instrument repair service is designed to proactively address instrument maintenance and repair issues. We provide instrument repair service options that minimize repair turn-around time and maximize instrument availability. Our instrument repair and maintenance services are an economical solution that increases overall instrument availability and reliability for your ambulatory surgery center.


Why Choose SurgiSource LLC?

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SurgiSource develops a customized surgical instrument repair and maintenance program based on the specific needs of your ambulatory surgery center. From basic instrument repairs to in-house repair facilities, we have the capabilities to provide an economical solution that makes it easy for you and your team to meet demands without compromising the repair and maintenance of your instruments.

Our instrument repair specialists meet with your team to discuss your instrument issues and concerns. We identify opportunities to improve your instrument repair and maintenance process and develop a customized program designed to meet your needs. Our analysis addresses inventory levels, OR and CS/SPD cycles, identifies the type and frequency of repairs performed, highlights opportunities to improve your preventive maintenance program, and identifies handling and maintenance issues that contribute to damage of your surgical instruments and equipment. Our analysis also addresses repair servicing timeframes and repair transit times in order to provide an optimal instrument maintenance and repair program for your ambulatory surgery center.

We recommend changes to your inventory, develop a custom repair and preventative maintenance program, and provide valuable education to your staff aimed at prolonging the life of your instruments and equipment. The result is a comprehensive, custom instrument maintenance and repair program designed for optimal efficiency that increases instrument availability and reliability!


SurgiSource’s Surgical Instrument Repair Service Helps Your Ambulatory Surgery Center To:

  • Increase instrument availability through effective instrument maintenance and repair management.
  • Reduce O.R. delays resulting from instrument repair and maintenance issues.
  • Lower labor costs related to instrument repair processing.
  • Increase the life of your instruments through training and timely maintenance of the equipment.
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your instrument repair and maintenance cycle.


Our Services:

Surgical Instrument Management Program:

Our comprehensive instrument and equipment management program includes assessing your specific needs, creating a start-up inventory and maintaining par levels in concert with effective instrument maintenance.


Mobile Instrument Repair Service:

Mobile Instrument Repairs

Need quick turn around time on your instrument repairs? Our mobile instrument repair service provides scissor sharpening, gold dipping, powder coating, laser welding, ebonizing, tungsten carbide insert replacement, etc. Repairs are completed with excellence, turn-around time is fast and our mobile service eliminates time spent preparing and shipping instruments to and from a repair facility.


In-House Repair Service:

High daily surgical case volume often requires surgical instrumentation remain in-house as much as possible. Placing a dedicated repair lab in your facility allows us to repair your instrumentation at your facility. Lengthy downtime for shipment to a repair facility is eliminated, repairs are performed with excellence, and as needed, emergency repairs can be made quickly so your instruments are back in rotation as soon as possible.


Ship Items for Repair:

Surgical Instrument Repairs

We also provide the option of sending your instruments to our worldwide hub in Atlanta, GA for repair. Our European trained, certified Master Repairmen repair your instruments with precision. Following completion of repairs, we will return ship the instrument(s) to your door. Using our online repair order information system, you can access repair order status and tracking information 24/7 at your convenience.



Customized Instrument Maintenance Schedule:

Are preventive maintenance issues affecting instrument availability and overall efficiency of your repair cycle? Our program includes development of a customized a preventative maintenance schedule for your facility that minimizes equipment downtime and ensures instruments are ready for use when needed!


Endoscope Repair:
Surgical Instrument Management

Endoscope Repair Service


We understand that returning your endoscopes to rotation is critical for your ambulatory surgery center. So, we prioritize the fastest turnaround possible. Our repairmen restore your endoscope image quality to like-new condition, and your scopes are returned to service quickly!



 Features & Benefits:

  • Customized surgical instrument repair and maintenance programs
  • Nationwide Service
  • Over 25 Years of Instrument Repair Experience
  • Instrument Repairs Performed by European Trained, Certified Master Repairmen
  • Rapid Turn-Around Time
  • Large Inventory of OEM or OEM Replica Parts that Meet or Exceed Industry Standards
  • Loaner Equipment Available
  • Dedicated Customer Service Personnel
  • Free Repair Service Quotes Within 24 Hours


Interested in learning how SurgiSource LLC can improve the instrument repair and maintenance cycle of your ambulatory surgery center? Contact us today!”




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